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Why work with HVE

HVE is a Canadian leader in independent assessments, with a national reach providing assessments to top insurers and organizations across Canada since 1994.

  • Earn extra income
  • Private sector work
  • Diversify your skill set
  • Flexible schedule
  • No treatment relationship

How we Support You

Be supported by industry-leading scheduling, administration, and quality assurance:

  • Best-in-class medical briefs – indexed with hyperlinks and searchable
  • Use any of HVE’s 26 service locations or your office
  • A highly experienced Quality Assurance team honed to ensuring your reports are defensible
  • Web-based Provider Portal built to support your workflow – simple and easy to use

Our Process

Independent Medical Evaluations offer objective assessments that are conducted by a physician or appropriate healthcare professional.

Results from these assessments are provided in formal report that contains information pertaining to the nature and extent of the injury, and responses to specific questions related to diagnosis and treatment options.


Referrals are processed through our Management Information System 24/7/365 and handled by our skilled Intake Team. Our system will match the best medical professional for the referral based on specialty and availability.


Our dedicated Triage team will ensure the right specialist or multidisciplinary team has been assembled to address the referral.

QA File Review

Our skilled File Review Team will assemble your medical briefing and documentation to prepare you for your IME.


HVE provides the tools and training to prepare you to deliver a best in class assessment and report. Supported by our Provider Portal for you to access information about your upcoming assessments, access required documentation and submit your final report.

QA Report Review

Our highly trained Quality Assurance specialists are here to support you to ensure you deliver a polished and defensible report.

Assessment Types

We utilize over 50 different medical disciplines, spanning physical medicine, mental health, allied health and a variety of medical subspecialties.

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